About us

Nature of Abruzzo in a bottle

We want to become a globally recognized and appreciated symbol of Abruzzo organic wine.

We imagine a future in which our wine is synonymous with quality, sustainability and authenticity, allowing each person to savor a piece of our beloved Abruzzo.
We are committed to creating a lasting bond with our customers, becoming the reference for those looking for a unique and authentic experience of Abruzzo organic wine. In this horizon, each glass of Uma Casanatura is a sensory journey into the heart of Abruzzo,
an experience that combines pleasure, health and respect for nature.

In the lush heart of Abruzzo

Uma is born where the mountains meet the sea and nature triumphs with its biodiversity.
Our story begins with an ancient family tradition, an indissoluble bond with the land and an innate passion for wine.

Values charter

  • Respect for the Earth: We at Uma Casanatura firmly believe in preserving our planet. We work in harmony with nature to grow our grapes sustainably, respecting biodiversity and contributing to the health of our soil and the entire ecosystem.
  • Love for Abruzzo: Our land is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to represent the rich wine history of Abruzzo and to let the world know the beauty and uniqueness of our typical products.
  • Artisan Quality: We work with passion and dedication to create superior quality wines, respecting the winemaking traditions of Abruzzo and using innovative techniques to constantly improve our products.
  • Transparency and Honesty: We believe in a relationship of trust with our customers. We are transparent in our business practices and are committed to providing accurate and detailed information about our wines and how they are produced.
  • Sustainable Innovation: We are constantly looking for new methods to improve our production, always with an eye to sustainability. Innovation is an integral part of our process, but not at the expense of our planet.
  • Customer Dedication: We are committed to providing high quality customer service, whether you are an international distributor, local restaurateur or our e-commerce customer. We want every customer to feel part of the Uma Casanatura family.


The Abruzzo terroir is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The region has a very varied topography, with hills, valleys and mountains influencing the cultivation of vines.

The native Abruzzo varieties have been cultivated in the area for centuries, adapting perfectly to the climatic and soil characteristics of the region. This deep connection with the territory has allowed the grapes to develop a unique personality, reflecting the essence of the Abruzzo landscape in the wines produced

The Labels

Everything tells a story, from the territory, to the grapes, to get to the labels of our wines.
in fact, on each label, masterfully created by Mario di Paolo, there is a symbol of history that identifies and characterizes Uma Casanatura.

The Suitcase

In chronological order it is the first symbol created. This was born from the character of Enrico who is always travelling.

The Pomegranate Tree

Because the pomegranate is a symbol of prosperity with its seeds.

The Vintage Bicycle

Symbol that recalls the experience in Beijing, where one was surrounded by many bicycles. Over the years the number of these bicycles has decreased dramatically. The bicycle represents freedom, a different way of moving, closer to nature and to our green philosophy.

The Bird Cage

Yet another symbol linked to the Chinese experience. When practicing Taichi in the parks, there where elderly people busy playing Majong who would bring their bird cages with them to take their birds "for a walk". The cage represents the calm and positive energy (Qi) that was in that park nestled in the midst of the frenzy of Beijing.

The Chair

A commonly used object, like the one we had in our traditional Chinese house with the internal courtyard. We spent some wonderful carefree hours there, breathing in the age-old Chinese culture and appreciating the importance of the positive energy of Feng Shui, all with a good glass of wine.