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What does UMA mean?

What does UMA mean?

This question has been asked to me many times. UMA means tranquility, light and splendor in Sanskrit. UMA is also the Hindu goddess of the mountain who teaches us about balance in life. UMA, in the Andean world, is considered an ancestral being, capable of protecting and preserving with his strength, which derives directly from the mountains, the spirit of Mother Nature.

It is a benevolent force that goes from the sun to the earth and then to each of us. This is what is found most frequently online. But in reality the name comes from a small short article that I had read years ago when I started practicing Feng Shui in China, the art of living in harmony with the energies of the earth. It said that in Baha’i language UMA means “living house”, a house with a soul and where everyone feels well and protected. I decided to call my new consulting project in Feng Shui, Uma House of Qi.

When after 8 years my husband and I returned to Europe and decided to buy a half-abandoned olive grove in our homeland, we chose the name Uma Casa del Qi because, from the first moment, we felt, in the place where our farm now stands, an incredibly positive energy. In fact, the land on which it stands is surrounded by hills that make the qi, the vital energy flow in an optimal way and then settle in the waters of our lake and generate all kinds of well-being, health and prosperity.

After a while we realized that the name of our company was regularly mispronounced; we therefore transformed it into Uma Casanatura, a name that encompasses our philosophy. Being deeply convinced of the energetic power of this particular territory, we started towards a recovery of the olive grove and we planted 9 hectares of vineyards all in organic cultivation with the utmost attention to environmental sustainability for the protection and recovery of our “Uma”. 

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