Quality tastes like Uma Casanatura.

Quality tastes like Uma Casanatura.

Quality is inherent to Uma Casanatura. But above all, it's our home! Uma Casanatura's roots lie in a unique and distinctive territory, a place where an extremely diverse ecosystem thrives. Over ten years ago, we embarked on an important journey, accepting a challenging and uncertain task. That task was to restore a farm and regenerate an abandoned olive grove, laying the foundation for a significant project: embracing sustainability and forging a pact with the land to offer the best of our healthy and genuine products.

But where exactly do the roots of Uma Casanatura originate? Our 31 hectares, dedicated to multi-variety crops, are situated in the Abruzzo region, between the municipalities of Atri and Cellino Attanasio in the province of Teramo. This area holds immeasurable value, nestled amidst the natural framework composed of the mountain ranges of the Gran Sasso National Park, the Monti della Laga, and the Calanchi Reserve, as well as the Cerrano Marine Park, the first marine protected area established in Abruzzo. Four hectares of olive groves, nine hectares of vineyards, and three hectares of oak, holm oak, hazel, and hornbeam truffle orchards are surrounded by 15 hectares of pastures and woods that serve a specific purpose: safeguarding the complex irrigation system that nourishes all the crops in proximity to our artificial lake, the true nerve center of our company.

The combination of innovation and tradition is the right formula for enhancing a unique microclimate, rich in diversity and beauty.

The nine hectares of vineyards are the secure place where we nurture and cultivate our grapevines that give life to our organic wines. Precise and meticulous work has led us to achieve the European Organic Certification, which attests to the undeniable strength of our project. Our products are made with 95% organic ingredients, observing rigorous conditions for the remaining 5%. This is an additional recognition for our ideas that value the environment, nature, and pave the way for a future focused on sustainable agriculture.

All of this is made possible by an extraordinary territory, abundant in culture, art, food, and natural wonders—all waiting to be experienced and explored.

We invite you to join us in discovering all the secrets of our land!

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